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Application And Introduction Of Thermal Gel
- Jun 08, 2017 -

The Thermal Gel is a gel-like thermal conductive material made by mixing, encapsulating, and encapsulating the silica gel composite thermal conductive filler. This material also has some advantages of thermal pads and thermal grease, which makes up for the weaknesses of both.

The thermal gel has the advantages of good affinity, good weatherability, high and low temperature resistance and good insulation. At the same time, the plasticity is strong and can meet the filling of the uneven interface, which can meet the heat transfer demand of various applications.

The characteristics of Thermal Gel

1, performance characteristics

The Thermal Gel, which is softer and has a better surface affinity than the thermal pad, can be compressed to a very low thickness, resulting in a significant increase in heat transfer efficiency, lowest compression to 0.1 mm, and thermal resistance at 0.08 ℃ · in2 / W - 0.3 ℃ · in2 / W, can reach the performance of part of the grease.

In addition, the Thermal Gel has almost no hardness, after the use of equipment will not produce internal stress.

Thermal Gel The gel is easier to handle than thermal grease. The general use of silicone grease is the screen or steel plate printing, or direct brushing, the user and the environment is very unfriendly, and because of its a certain flow, generally can not be used for the thickness of 0.2mm or more occasions.

And the conductive mud is arbitrarily shaped into the desired shape, and for the uneven PCB board and the irregular device (such as the battery, the corner of the component, etc.), are able to ensure good contact.

Thermal gel has a certain adhesion, and there will be no oil and dry the problem, in the reliability of a certain advantage.

2, continuous operation advantage

Thermal conductivity of the gel can be directly used to weigh, the commonly used continuous use of the dispenser, can achieve fixed-point quantitative control, saving labor while also improving the production efficiency.

Application of Thermal Gel

Thermal gels are widely used in LED chips, communications equipment, mobile CPU, memory modules, IGBT and other power modules, power semiconductors.

Application is the application of LED bulb driver power supply. In the export of LED lights, in order to UL certification, the manufacturer more use of two-component potting potting. Exports to the United States lamps are required 50,000 hours warranty to the current quality of LED lamp beads is no problem, the main failure is the power supply, the use of potting plastic potting power can not be demolished, only the whole Lamps are discarded for replacement. If the use of thermal insulation on the power of the local filling, you can effectively heat export, if the power supply problems can also be easily replaced by the power supply for the enterprise to save costs. Of course, for the requirements of waterproof lights. Because the heat transfer mud can not be the same as the potting and filling all the cracks, can not be waterproof and moisture, still need to use potting.

Another typical application is in the LED fluorescent tube, the power on the two ends of the design, in order not to take up the size of the lamp, the two power supply space is relatively small, and 1.2 meters LED fluorescent lamp power is usually designed to 18w to 20w, so that the heat generated by the power supply becomes relatively large. The heat transfer mud can be filled into the gap of the power supply, especially attached to the power device to help heat the lamp to extend the life. For some of the sealed module power supply, you can use the heat transfer mud for local filling to achieve the effect of heat conduction.

Then the chip heat, on this way, we should also be more familiar with the same processor and the middle of the kind of silicon heat sink layer is a principle, its role is to allow the processor to distribute the heat can be faster transmission To the radiator to emit out.

Similarly, the thermal gel can also be used in the mobile phone processor, Huawei's mobile phone processor will be used on a similar heat grease gel heat dissipation agent, this is better than just attached a graphite heat film contact effect better , Heat conduction will be more rapid.