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A Preparation Method Of Closed - Cell Silicone Foam
- Jun 21, 2017 -

Closed-cell silicone foam is the porous polymer elastomer prepared by foaming after the silicone rubber. According to the different structure of the bubble hole, it can be divided into closed cell, open hole and mixed hole silicone foam. Room temperature vulcanized silicone foam is usually a condensed hydroxyl-terminated silicone rubber as the substrate, hydroxyl silicone oil as a foaming agent, platinum complex as a catalyst, vulcanized at room temperature to the perforated sponge-like elastomer. The vulcanized Silicone Foam is suitable for in situ foaming molding, filling, sealing and damping. The traditional preparation method of high temperature vulcanized foam silicone rubber is that the silicone rubber containing the particulate inorganic filler, the foaming agent and the vulcanization Agent evenly mixed with the rubber, and then by heating vulcanization, foaming, made oh foam.

High temperature vulcanized silicone foam, the combination of silicone rubber and foam properties in one, not only has the excellent characteristics of silicone rubber, but also has a low density, good absorption of mechanical vibration or shock physical properties, noise, heat insulation, sealing And other functions, can be used for sealing, shock absorption, insulation, noise, insulation materials in the transportation, petrochemical, electronics, defense and aerospace fields have a wide range of uses.

Making recipes

A closed-cell silicone foam material and its preparation method and use are characterized in that 100 parts by weight of silicone rubber, 15 to 80 parts by weight of reinforcing agent, 2 to 15 parts by weight of structural control agent, 3 to 15 parts by weight of blowing agent And 0 to 3 parts by weight of the co-blowing agent and 0 to 4 parts by weight of the co-crosslinking agent are mixed and molded, and the crosslinking reaction occurs after the irradiation of the electron beam or the γ-ray irradiation, and the radiation dose is 5 to 20 kGy, So that the foaming agent decomposition foam, Silicone Foam immediately after the use of electron beam or γ-ray radiation secondary radiation, radiation dose of 20 ~ 50kGy, in order to further improve the comprehensive performance of silicone rubber foam. The silicone rubber foam can be used as sealing, shock absorption, insulation, noise, insulation materials.