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Acetic Acid Cloth Adhesive Tape Characteristics And Uses
- Mar 22, 2017 -

Acetic acid cloth adhesive tape commonly used for transformer insulation and strapping, wire, phone, computer, and electronics. Acetate cloth substrate processing acetic acid cloth adhesive tape having high temperature, anti-aging, soft docile, good volume, easy cutting, easy solution, acid, alkali, antifungal properties, insulating properties than glass fiber cloth and glass cloth, widely used in television sets, transformers, air conditioners, computers and other manufacturing fields. As the promotion of environmental awareness all over the world, customers environmental requirements put forward new requirements for acetic acid cloth adhesive tape. So far, the new Sony SS-00259 acetic acid cloth adhesive tape to meet the electronic industry standards, meet the EU ROHS requirements, meet the European REACH requirements, meet o stupid 6P acid salt, both of the EU do not contain halogen requirement, and the products passed UL certification (certification number: E216378).

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