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Is The Thermal Pad Really Useful?
- May 26, 2017 -

Recently, many cities have entered the "barbecue mode", Guangzhou is ushered in the raging "autumn tiger." Hot weather, the notebook also followed the "fire", the palm rest position hot at the same time, the program operation has become Caton. As everyone knows, the computer's processors and graphics cards are equipped with "overheating protection" function, in the case of high temperature will take the frequency down to "passive slow down" performance is also a straight line. In fact, every summer, "notebook Thermal Pad" to become a hot online products, and new products after another, known as how cool cooling function. What exactly are these pads? Whether it really can for the notebook "summer cooling"?

Laptop will be "heat stroke"? The answer is yes. Most of the air conditioning is not open air temperature of about 33 ℃, the notebook placed in the room at room temperature to work, the laptop fan will be the first in the "crazy" state, the noise is very obvious, and if not flat enough place Drive the body resonance, people uncomfortable. Second, the shell temperature was significantly increased, especially the temperature of more than 90 ℃ Haswell models, C surface temperature is basically above 40 ℃, 10 minutes of operation can make the palm full of sweat.

In addition, the high temperature not only makes the processor performance lower, but also greatly reduced ease of use, response speed has begun to become slow.

What is the reason for the computer "heat stroke"? As the current application of the x86 computer processor design has multiple power modes, the processor will be based on user settings or the actual operation of the frequency of operation in a reasonable value, the higher the load, it can let the processor run At higher frequencies, if the heat is large, the processor will reduce the amplitude of the boost, so high heat will cause the processor to degrade. IVB-based notebook computers at 85 ℃ to start the protection, Haswell is required to start 95 ℃ when the protection mode. The effect of high temperature on the processor frequency can not be ignored. If the internal heat accumulation is too obvious, the graphics card will automatically run at a lower frequency, thus affecting the game frame rate.

For the laptop "heat stroke" problem, Thermal Pad can be described as a "ice watermelon." The best way to solve the high calorie is to let the heat more effectively discharged, because the bottom of the Thermal Pad with a more intensive cooling holes, the internal also hollow and metal mesh design, can increase the bottom of the notebook cold air intake, Cooling effect. Open the fan, it will accelerate the flow of cold air, to a certain extent, can also play the role of cooling.

Is the Thermal Pad useful? Hot feeling difficult to drop

What is the actual effect of the notebook's Thermal Pad? Reporters found that the current market, a wide range of thermal pad, the price is also a few hundred to several hundred dollars. The effect of the thermal pad is closely related to its material, fan position and technical principle. One of the most important is the fan part. From the design point of view, some Thermal Pad with a 18cm large fan, some 12cm, 14cm dual fan design, there are four 12cm fan notebook Thermal Pad.

What is the better the number of fans? Or the bigger the bigger the better? It is understood that the fan's choice will directly affect the use of the effect. For those who prefer the "comfortable" point of the user, it is recommended to use large-size fans, because the air flow is relatively concentrated, large size fan speed is low, quiet effect is better, no matter how much the size of the notebook, almost no heat dead ends.

Use a small fan is the focus of important parts of the heat, although the high speed, good heat dissipation, but the noise is too large, while the air is easy to chaos, resulting in coverage area is not in place, this is a disadvantage compared to the big fan.

It is understood that the notebook's fever area are not the same, and some heat source mainly in the notebook keyboard and monitor between, and some in the keyboard and so on, this is because the notebook design is different. If you choose a small fan of the Thermal Pad, we should pay attention to is as far as possible to the Thermal Pad fan and notebook CPU, hard drive on the corresponding. However, not all notebooks can use the popular Thermal Pad.

It is not wise to have 100% hope for the Thermal Pad. Test found that the use of Thermal Pad, the processor and graphics card temperature has been reduced to a certain extent, but whether or not open the fan, have failed to cool the surface of the fuselage has played a very significant cooling effect. From the current technology point of view, the Thermal Pad for the fuselage surface heat dissipation is limited.

Attention to shape design details can not be ignored

Beautiful shape and user-friendly design is the Thermal Pad can not be ignored part. Because a long time to use a laptop, Thermal Pad design should not fancy, the more simple the better.