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Smear Thermal Silicone Adhesive Has Some Skills
- Jun 21, 2017 -

Thermal Silicone Adhesive, also known as heat grease, heat paste or thermal paste, it is a thermal grease, with low thermal resistance, high thermal conductivity and high softness. In our daily life, it is mainly used to apply computer CPU, used to heat the computer to keep its performance stable. In fact, silica gel cooling method is a relatively simple method, but this is for some small white level of computer players is still relatively cumbersome, today Xiaobian speaking about the smearing of the method of Thermal Silicone Adhesive and precautions, I believe will Members are helpful.

Smear Thermal Silicone Adhesive is a certain skill, and its thermal resistance is greater than the metal, so it is not to say that the more painted the better, more heat coated silicone coating, thin coating thickness is the effect of the heat to play the key. Here we look at the different circumstances of the Thermal Silicone Adhesive smear method.

Apply a common flat base, you can use four methods, mainly based on the size of the radiator to decide. For a small base, you can use the middle point method, that is, in the middle of the base with a point of Thermal Silicone Adhesive point, and then evenly open; long base is used word, that is, in the middle of the base with a silica gel to draw a word, For a large square base can be used word or cross method, that is, in the middle of the middle of the word or cross, and then evenly open.

1. The first is Intel's original plug copper radiator, the center is a circular copper base, as long as the whole round cover like, as the thickness, can vaguely see the color of copper can.

2. This is the most special, is the heat pipe directly to the base, this base can be applied in three ways, some similar to the plane base of the smear method. The first is a point, that is, in the middle of the point a little bit, and then evenly open; the second is two-point, that is, on both sides of the base were a point, and then even smear; the last one is two , In the base to draw a word, and then even smoothed open.

This heat pipe straight-touch base of its heat pipe straight touch process is likely to cause a great gap, and the heat transfer efficiency of silica gel is much larger than the air, so when the smear must be painted these cracks.


1, smear the heat when the Thermal Silicone Adhesive must be smear the amount, not too thick, as thin as possible, there must be uniform, no bubbles, no impurities. If too much heat dissipating Thermal Silicone Adhesive coating will be very easy to overflow, not only cause waste will also affect the cooling effect; if the uneven coating will lead to uneven heat dissipation.

2, some players believe that the need for regular replacement of Thermal Silicone Adhesive, in fact, this is not hard, as long as smear properly, two or three years is no problem. But if in order to check the processor and the radiator removed, then it is necessary to re-smear the heat of the silicone, or will affect its cooling effect.

3, if the process of smear, Thermal Silicone Adhesive accidentally touched the CPU pin, you can use a toothbrush or other small brush stained with alcohol a little bit on it. Pay attention to slowly brush, so as not to damage the pin.

The above is the correct method of Thermal Silicone Adhesive and precautions. Smearing Thermal Silicone Adhesive is actually a very simple and effective way of cooling, but smear the process of some of the master players for easy, but for some small white players is still a bit difficult, poor application will affect the cooling effect. Xiao Bian detailed description of the different radiator smear method, as long as we patiently, meticulous smear, should be able to do a good job of this work. Small partners can try Oh!