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The Difference Between Thermal Grease And Thermal Silicone Adhesive
- Oct 18, 2017 -

Although the Thermal Silicone Adhesive and thermal grease performance similar to the production process is almost, but in the formula by adding a sticky material, so that it has better bonding performance. But there is still a difference between the two. The use of the two can not be confused, wrong.

Friends who do not have access to this line may believe that Thermal Silicone Adhesive and thermal grease are the same product, in fact not, although only one word difference, but the difference between the odds of thousands of miles, although they are thermal materials, but the performance is still different Of the following we have to distinguish between the Thermal Silicone Adhesive and thermal grease different.

Thermal Silicone Adhesive, also known as electronic silica gel, it can be cured at room temperature, but the thermal conductivity is slightly weaker than the thermal grease, but the bonding performance is much stronger. Widely used in electronics, electrical appliances and other industries of flexible bonding, heat, insulation and sealing. The following is the advantage of Thermal Silicone Adhesive:

1. Good thermal conductivity and insulation, improve the reliability of sensitive circuits and components, to extend the service life.

2. Insulation, shock absorption, impact resistance, work temperature, humidity range (-50 ℃ ~ + 180 ℃).

3. weather resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance.

4. Outdoor use can eliminate the adverse effects of ultraviolet light, ozone, moisture and chemicals.

Thermal grease for high-power transistors, switches, integrated circuits and chip heat sink between the gap filling and heat transfer. It has excellent thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, anti-aging, waterproof, insulation and other characteristics, it is insoluble in water, is not easy to be oxidized, and has excellent electrical insulation properties, while protecting the circuit while heating, improve circuit stability. Thermal grease is the most widely used in the electrical and electronic industry, a thermal conductivity material. The following is the advantage of thermal grease

1. Can be in the temperature range of -50 ~ 300 ℃ long-term work, the temperature changes when its consistency change is minimal, the performance of high temperature does not melt, not hardening low temperature does not freeze.

2. Iron, steel, aluminum and its alloys and a variety of synthetic materials are not corrosive; plastic and rubber does not swell.

3. Non-toxic, tasteless.