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The Influence Of Thermal Silicone Adhesive Film And Thermal Conductivity Grease On Automotive Electronics
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Thermal conductivity of silicone film, thermal grease and other thermal materials on the impact of automotive electronics

According to statistics show that the electronic components of the temperature rise of each 2 degrees, reliability decreased by 10%; temperature rise of 50 degrees when the temperature is only 25 degrees when the temperature of 1/6. Temperature is the most important factor affecting equipment reliability. This requires technically taking measures to limit the temperature rise of the chassis and components, which is the thermal design.

The principle of thermal design, one is to reduce the heat, that is, the use of better control methods and technologies, such as phase-shifting control technology, synchronous rectification technology and other technologies, the other is the choice of low-power devices to reduce the number of heating devices, Thick wire width, improve the efficiency of the power supply. The second is to strengthen the heat, that is, the use of conduction, radiation, convection technology will heat transfer, but the appearance of flat products, first of all, from the space can not use more heat aluminum and fans, from the whole that is not allowed to strengthen Cold cooling design, can not use convection form. The same way of radiating heat in the flat space is also difficult to do. So we all agree to use the chassis cooling, the advantage is not to consider the fan and additional fan power, not because of the fan caused by more dust, no noise due to the fan.

How can we really make good use of the machine shell to heat it? Soft silicone thermal insulation materials, the application of the opportunity to come. Soft Thermal Silicone Adhesive insulation pad is one of the heat transfer interface materials, is a sheet-like material, according to the size and shape of the heating power device arbitrary cutting, with good thermal conductivity and insulation properties, its role is to fill the heating power device And the gap between the radiator, is to replace the thermal grease grease thermal paste plus mica (insulating material) of the binary cooling system of the best products.

The thermal conductivity of the product is 2.45W / mK, while the air thermal conductivity is 0.03w / mk; anti-voltage breakdown value of more than 4000 volts, in most of the electronic equipment insulation requirements can be used. Process thickness from 0.5mm ~ 5mm range, each 0.5mm a plus, that is 0.5mm 1mm 1.5mm 2mm up to 5mm, special requirements can be increased to 10mm, the thickness of the difference is so that the designer can easily according to the heating body and the size of the gap between the cooling facilities Choose different thickness of the product, to achieve the best filling effect. . Flame retardant performance in line with UL 94V-0 requirements, and in line with the EU SGS environmental certification, the working temperature is generally -50 ℃ ~ 220 ℃, therefore, is a very good thermal conductivity material. And its particularly soft, specifically for the use of gap heat transfer The design of the program to be able to fill the gap to complete the heat and heat dissipation parts of the heat transfer, increase the area of thermal conductivity, but also play a role in shock insulation and sealing, to meet the compact miniaturization of social equipment design requirements, Technology and the use of new materials and the thickness of a wide range of applications, especially for automotive, display, computer and power supply and other electronic equipment industry.