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Thermal Silicone Adhesive Performance Should Be So Easy To Understand
- Oct 30, 2017 -

Xiao Bian encountered a few days ago a company colleagues, their company to order a number of insulated thermal conductivity material, I heard that thermal conductivity of silicone film is very good, but for many parameters of Thermal Silicone Adhesive, or I do not know how to choose and compare The After some understanding, Xiaobian finally figured out, although the choice of Thermal Silicone Adhesive is the most important understanding of its thermal conductivity, breakdown voltage, hardness and thickness, but simply said a parameter will be formed void, thermal conductivity, breakdown voltage , The hardness of the three parameters are electrical parameters, understanding of the intuitive poor, and the thickness of thermal conductivity of silicone film is a physical parameter, easier to grasp and understand. And then Xiaobian from the thickness of the choice of other major parameters on the combination of his new explanation to some, and finally, he finally understand how to choose a good Thermal Silicone Adhesive. Here to share this knowledge to everyone, we hope that after you can give better advice!

Thermal Silicone Adhesive with silica gel as the carrier, by adding thermal conductive material and to alkali-free glass fiber as the support, rolling by the thin material rolling machine can be filled with a good heat sink and heat sink between the gap, Uneven surface of the air, can form a good heat flow channel; and itself has a good thermal conductivity, is widely used in electrical and electronic products, thermal conductivity material.

Parameter 1, thermal conductivity --- thermal conductivity is the inherent properties of the material, does not change with the thickness of the area changes. In principle, of course, the higher the thermal conductivity the better, of course, the price will be more out of some, and the market will usually come up with some very exaggerated thermal conductivity, the current thermal conductivity of silicon Thermal Silicone Adhesive range of about 0.8 ~ 4.0 W / MK, Thermal Silicone Adhesive thickness of the current thin film can do 0.1MM, the thickest can be done 15MM, thermal conductivity up to 6.0W / MK. Choose the appropriate thermal conductivity is good.

Parameters Second, the breakdown voltage --- that is, Thermal Silicone Adhesive can withstand the maximum voltage. The higher the breakdown voltage, the better the insulation of the product. Thermal insulation properties of silicone film, 1mm thickness of the electrical insulation index above 4000 volts.

Parameter three, the hardness of choice - the harder the product, the thermal contact with the thermal components and thermal components of the contact between the worse. The more soft the more contact, but not the more soft the better, because too soft, not easy to paste. In principle, it is not recommended to use Thermal Silicone Adhesive to replace other fixtures, because the double-sided adhesive thermal conductivity is not high, the use of adhesive after the thermal conductivity of silicone film will reduce the overall effect of double-sided adhesive after the effect is even worse The Thermal silicone film due to the reasons for raw materials, itself will bring a weak natural viscosity, but it can not be fixed with.

Finally, the thickness of the choice --- due to silicone material itself, in principle, the thickness of not less than 0.5mm is better, 0.5mm below the thermal conductivity of silicone film will increase the default glass. Fiberglass itself thermal conductivity in general, increased in the Thermal Silicone Adhesive mainly play a supporting role to prevent too thin was torn, easy to install.