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Thermally Conductive Double-sided Adhesive Electronic Field
- Oct 18, 2017 -

Thermally Conductive Double-sided Adhesive is made of acrylic polymer filled with thermal conductive ceramic powder, combined with silicone adhesive, with high thermal conductivity and insulation properties, and has a soft, compressive, clothes, strong viscosity, to adapt to the temperature range , Can fill the uneven surface, can be tightly and firmly fit the heat source devices and heat sink, the heat quickly spread out. Easy to operate, high efficiency, use only to tear off the release paper, the adhesive surface attached to the device surface pressure can be immediately bonded. So that no electronic devices and radiators need no mechanical fixation and liquid adhesive curing between the fixed.

With the advent of energy-saving era, energy-saving products will shine in the market, Maoming company with market demand, the development of Thermally Conductive Double-sided Adhesive tape, adhesive only when the pressure can be immediately bonded, to avoid the use of grease Inconvenience, eliminating the cost of fixtures. No curing time and liquid adhesive fixed, can be die-cut and can be pre-affixed to a surface for future bonding use.

Material properties:

1. Equipped with high thermal conductivity and insulation materials, easy to use, for the operation of the uneven surface of the assembly between the organization of the best material

2. Anti-use of the polymer can make this product has excellent flexibility, clothing, self-adhesive and high compression ratio

3. Adapt to the working environment temperature range, can effectively overcome the harsh environment, can fill the uneven surface

4. At the same time can effectively solve the customer on the heat, insulation and cushioning and other issues, and has passed a variety of inspection of the control of the matter is the customer in the relevant electronic products on the best choice

5. UW thermal tape with immediate adhesion, insulation, low gas release and high thermal conductivity on a heat sink, wafer set, or flexible board

6. According to the different requirements of customers die into different shapes, with 0.1mm 0.15mm 0.2mm 0.25mm 0.3mm 0.4mm 0.5mm


1. Electronic components: IC, CPU, MOS

2. LED, M / B, PS, HEAT SINK, LCD-TV, NB, PC and so on

3. DDRLL Module, DVD Applications and so on