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What Is The Highest Thermal Conductivity Of A Thermally Conductive Silicon Film?
- Jul 03, 2017 -

Thermal conductivity of Thermal Silicone Adhesive because of the different coefficients, thermal conductivity also has a gap, many novice friends do not know the thermal conductivity of silicon film The maximum heat conductivity?

A: According to the current market above the supply of thermal silica film analysis, the largest thermal conductivity 5-6w, but the highest in the country at present is around 3W, so manufacturers in the purchase, can be based on their own product needs to choose

Thermal conductive Silicone Gasket Why do you want to bring fiberglass? This is because the thinner the thermal conductivity of Thermal Silicone Adhesive, the worse the tensile resistance and voltage resistance performance, in addition, thermal conductivity of Thermal Silicone Adhesive in the process due to poor tensile resistance easily torn.

CPG series with fiberglass thermal conductivity Thermal Silicone Adhesive is a high-performance thermal interface products, with glass fiber and silica gel as the base material, including silicone, boron nitride and glass fiber compounds. The product has good toughness and firmness. It is a high shear strength, puncture and tear-resistant products. The soft imitation coating on the core film provides excellent surface for the low pressure and immersion installation. At the same time, the product has many styles of thermal performance, suitable for any application.

Speaking of the computer IC cooling most of the people think of the first time must be thermal conductivity Thermal Silicone Adhesive, in fact, the IC thermal conductivity of thermal silica film is a better choice. Thermal Silicone Adhesive in the coating in the IC trouble, easy to pollute other electronic components, smear process uneven seriously affect the heat conduction performance. And anti-aging performance is poor, thermal conductivity Thermal Silicone Adhesive life is far less than thermal conductivity silicone pad, after a period of time can be used to feel the thermal conductivity of Thermal Silicone Adhesive obviously decline. and the thermal conductive silicone pad is to reduce the surface of the IC heat source and the contact surface between the heat dissipation device contact thermal resistance, its role is used to transmit heat to the heat sink, to keep the temperature in a stable working level, to prevent damage due to poor heat and prolong the service life.