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When Selecting The Thickness Of The Thermal Silicone Adhesive
- Oct 30, 2017 -

Thermal Silicone Adhesive is based on silica gel as the substrate, add metal oxide and other auxiliary materials, through a special process of synthesis of a thermal medium material, is designed for the use of heat transfer design of the gap design, to fill the gap, to complete the heat And heat dissipation between the parts, but also play a role in insulation, shock absorption, sealing, etc., to meet the equipment miniaturization and ultra-thin design requirements, is very technical and usability, and the thickness of a wide range of applications, An excellent thermal filler.

According to the standard division of different standards, there are ordinary Thermal Silicone Adhesive, high Thermal Silicone Adhesive, can be more practical conditions for the thermal conductivity of silicone film. At present the commonly used thermal conductivity of silicone film thermal conductivity from 1.5W / M.K ~ 5.2W / M.K, general models PM150, PM200, PM200S, PM260, PM300, PM350, PM460, PM500.

In the choice of Thermal Silicone Adhesive thickness, usually consider the main factors are two:

The first is thermal resistance. The smaller the thickness of the Thermal Silicone Adhesive is, the smaller the thickness of the thermally conductive silicone film is, and the longer the heat transfer is, the longer the heat transfer is, the longer the heat transfer is, ; While the thicker the thermal conductivity of the silicone film is also more expensive, because the same size, the thicker the thickness of the material used more. In the main heat source (such as the chip and the motherboard interface fill), how to make the Thermal Silicone Adhesive to maximize the role of structural engineering must first consider the interface to fill the thinnest, reduce the thermal resistance to ensure that the product at room temperature jobs.

The second is the shock effect. Thermal Silicone Adhesive has a certain degree of compression, there is a good anti-shock and anti-drop effect, in the PCB board and the shell filled between (such as the box), both shock and PCB board can remove the excess heat, Widely used.

At present, Thermal Silicone Adhesive is widely used in optoelectronics industry, computer industry, network industry, home appliance industry, semiconductor lighting industry, along with the rapid development of the electronics industry, as manufacturers to solve the heat problem can not be missing thermal conductivity, Thermal Silicone Adhesive will expand Out of better performance.